Here's a list of userTrack features:

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  • Resource usage:

    • Small total platform files size ~1MB.
    • Low database usage ~1MB / 100 recordings.
    • Very optimized tracking, doesn't slow down your website.
    • Include tracking script size 30KB (5KB compressed).
  • Functionality:

    • Click heatmaps.
    • Mouse movement heatmaps.
    • Scroll heatmaps.
    • Downloadable heatmaps [BETA].
    • Full session recordings.
    • Visitors list containg:
      • Country
      • IP address
      • Browser version
      • Screen size
      • Date of visit
      • Visit duration
      • Number of pages visited
      • Visited pages path
      • Custom user tags and auto-tagging
    • Basic page views/visitors graph.
    • Realtime number of visitors count.
    • Can track multiple domains.
    • Login protected admin panel.
    • The ability to add userTrack users that can view data only for a specific domain.
    • Different access levels for userTrack users.
  • Support and updates:

    • Support for installation, issues or questions answered in under 24h at suppor[email protected].
    • Regular free updates. New versions can be downloaded for free from your Envato Market account after purchasing the script.