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Bored of having to pay monthly in order to have access to heatmaps? Always wanted to view how users browse your site? Afraid that adding a 3rd party analytics system will compromise your site or customer's privacy? Worry no more! userTrack is the alternative that enables you to have full control over your data.

I started creating this script in early 2013 and it has been improved regularly ever since. Development speed is now better than ever as development tools, unit tests and other cool stuff have been created to aid with new version releases of userTrack. Why is userTrack so cheap? I'm not looking to make a fortune from userTrack, I initially planned to open-source it but I needed some source of income. I think of the current model to be "paid open source", where clients pay a small amount in order to help the developer (me) improve the platform. There are no hidden fees and there is and never was any investor behind userTrack. When you purchase userTrack the entire amount you pay is invested into further improving the platform. userTrack is not perfect by any means, but it's getting better and better every day. With your help it can become one of the go-to analytics solutions for improving user experience.

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